After several intense months of voter registration and outreach efforts in Black communities throughout the South and the midwest, Black Voters Matter Fund’s co-founders Cliff Albright and LaTosha Brown offer the following statement:

By all appearances, Black Voters Matter believes that we will win this race.

That is why it is imperative that every vote is counted. This is what our democracy requires and what the people demand.

Several key states including Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada are still in flux in what have been tightly close races thanks in part to Black voter turnout. Key cities like Detroit, which saw an increase in voter turnout this year and has a large population of Black voters, haven’t completed its count yet. We are still in this fight and believe the collective power of Black voters will help lead America to a victory that favors change and new progressive leadership.

While it is still painfully clear that many white Americans voted for Donald Trump and that racism is still deeply ingrained in our country, we will not give up.

As Trump and his campaign try to suppress ballots and call an early victory, we will not stand for it.

As many Southern states remain conservative, we will not cower.

We will stay vigilant. We will press on. We are claiming victory because we speak truth to power. We know that Black voters played an essential role that got the country to this pivotal moment and we are ready to move forward.

Let us stay the course and surround ourselves with Black love and joy that will carry us through, because we know we have already won. 

We Got This. We Got The Power.