“Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas state legislature should be ashamed of themselves. After months of protest from activists, experts, constituents, and their own colleagues railing against Senate Bill 1, Texas Republicans have brushed off the demands of millions of Texans and approved the most restrictive voter suppression bill in the nation. This bill turns back the clock on years of progress to expand vote-by-mail, 24-hour voting, drive-thru voting, and other common-sense reforms to make voting quicker, easier, and more accessible. Its provisions are so cruel that dozens of Democratic lawmakers were forced to flee the state — leaving their families behind, risking their salaries, and facing the threat of arrest — to stop it from advancing.

“Texas is the latest — and by far the most egregious — example of how Republicans all over the country are undermining democracy to strip power from Black voters. Since last year’s elections, when Black voters turned out in unprecedented numbers to change the course of this nation, Georgia, Florida, and more than a dozen other states have passed voter suppression bills that will disproportionately impact Black communities. The pattern is clear: Republicans will stop at nothing to roll back voting rights.

“That is why we need Washington to act. President Biden and Senate Democrats rose to power on Black votes, and they have an obligation to protect and restore Black voting power. Texas should serve as a cautionary tale: we cannot afford to stall on voting rights anymore. Biden and Senate Democrats must use every tool at their disposal to pass federal voting rights protections like the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act — even if it means ending the Senate filibuster. In the meantime, until they do their jobs in Washington, we and hundreds of partner organizations will continue to do our jobs in the streets, including civil disobedience.”