Black Voters Matter co-founders LaTosha Brown and Cliff Albright issued this statement following the Georgia state legislature’s vote to advance Senate Bill 202, which would bolster voter identification laws, shorten the deadline to request absentee ballots, and impose other voting restrictions:

“Today’s vote from the Georgia House of Representatives marks another disgraceful attempt by the state legislature to kill Black voting power. This bill, which would severely restrict voting access statewide, comes after Black voters delivered unprecedented turnout in last year’s election with record-breaking participation in absentee and early voting. But even after making public commitments to promote racial equity just last year, Georgia lawmakers, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and major players from Georgia’s business community have allowed the measure to pass by turning a blind eye toward blatant efforts to suppress Black votes. We are continuing to hold them accountable for their failure to stand up for Black voters.

“We cannot stress the dangers of this legislation enough. In addition to the outright attacks on absentee and early voting and restrictive voter identification requirements, one of its most dangerous provisions would allow the state to supersede county election boards, which certify election results. That provision threatens to undermine a crucial tenet of our democracy at a time when our election certification process is already under attack. We see right through what Georgia lawmakers are doing here: they’re throwing a wrench into Georgia’s election system, scapegoating county election boards, and giving the state broad authority to intervene. The legislature, in turn, is setting local election officials up for failure.

“Now, as the bill heads to Governor Brian Kemp’s desk, Georgia once again has an opportunity to do right by Black voters and protect the integrity of its elections. Governor Kemp has already resisted pressure to undermine our democracy, and we are urging him to do so again. He must veto Senate Bill 202.”