Today, a 2nd Circuit Court Judge in Florida sided with Black Voters Matter, Equal Ground Education Fund, League of Women Voters of Florida, and Florida Rising and agreed that our position, that DeSantis’ Map diminished the voting power of Black voters in violation of the Florida Constitution, would likely succeed on the merits.  Today’s decision means that DeSantis’ racially gerrymandered map, which re-configured Florida’s Congressional District 5, will not be used for the 2022 election.  While the State will appeal the decision, we consider this a major victory for Black Voters in Florida’s Congressional District 5, and we, along with the other co-plaintiffs will continue to fight to have DeSantis’ entire unconstitutional and racist map thrown out.   

Today and going forward, Black Voters Matter remains committed to using every democratic tool to increase political power for Black people in this country. Litigation has been and remains one of those tools, but a multi-pronged threat needs a multi-pronged solution. That’s why we are continuing to mobilize our communities, pressuring Congress to pass much-needed voting rights legislation, and demanding that the President use all of his executive power to protect the rights of Black voters. And it’s why we’re urging voters to join the fight for voting rights by signing our One Million For Voting Rights petition. In southern states like Florida, where the rights of Black people are constantly under attack, the need for federal action on voting rights simply could not be clearer.  

Now, we must keep the faith. We firmly believe that the cause to expand political rights in this country to all people, which will allow us to share in power and resources is a just cause, and if we faint not, we will win.

Tonight at 6:00 p.m. ET, Black Voters Matter and the co-plaintiffs in the case will hold a Twitter town hall space to discuss next steps in the Florida case. You can join on Twitter by following @BlackVotersMtr.