National voting rights organization Push Back Against Attempts to Suppress the Black Vote Ahead of 2024 Election

GEORGIA — The Georgia House of Representatives voted on legislation on Wednesday to take over the Ware County Board of Elections and Registration. House Bill 422 was introduced by Republican lawmakers and has the potential to remove all three of the Black Board of Elections members and handpick new members for the majority GOP board. This bill is expected to go to the Senate for a vote in the near future.

This is yet another attack on voting rights in the state due to the lack of representation on county election boards. The Board of Elections is responsible for ensuring a fair election process, and it is clear that this move is an affront to the democratic process and must be stopped. BVM, alongside local partners, are encouraging Georgia voters to contact their state senators and demand that they vote NO on this racially motivated takeover.For more information and to find your legislator, please visit the Georgia General Assembly website HERE.