Cliff Albright and LaTosha Brown, co-founders of Black Voters Matter, issued the following statement in response to Governor DeSantis’ 2024 presidential election bid announcement:  

“The remarks made by Governor DeSantis during his presidential election bid announcement last night were dangerous and should not be taken lightly. DeSantis continues to use his platform to spew false claims, create a racially charged environment of fear and is trying to delegitimize the impact progressive movements have made in recent years, only to further his own right-wing agenda.   

We rebuke DeSantis’ false claims about the integrity and volatility of our democracy. His commitment to “re-constitutionalized the executive branch” and “return the government to its rightful owners” should sound an alarm to voters across the country that the fight for our freedom continues. 

At Black Voters Matter, we take last night’s announcement as a call to action. Voting is one of the important ways we fight, and advocate for what we believe and the rights that are owed to us. The pursuit of freedom requires that we remain vigilant 365 days a year. We will not allow right wing leaders to demonize our hard earned progress for the sake of their  political ambitions. Black voters must use DeSantis’ fear mongering and intimidation tactics as fuel to mobilize and educate Black voters about our constitutional rights and our voting power. We have the power to decide who will lead this country into the future.“