BVM cannot do this work without your support, and with the pandemic slowly starting to subside we were excited to get out this year and engage with our donors! BVM had a great year engaging with donors all across the country who are supporting our work. In March donors joined us on the ground in Selma for an impactive experience in remembrance of Bloody Sunday.

In April, BVM was honored to be one of the partners of the Broadway play POTUS, and were able to bring a few donors and partners with us to enjoy the show. We also held our 1st gaming tournament virtually this summer, and with our partnership with Live Nation we were able to take some supporters to enjoy an Alicia Keys Christmas concert in NYC. Donor support of our work is so vital to sustain our impact in Black communities, so we are thankful for being able to interact with people who are invested in our work!

Corporate Partners 

Universal Music Group 

Ben and Jerry’s 

MasterCard Impact Fund 


Live Nation 

POTUS, the Broadway play 


Dolce Vita 






The Jordan Brand 


Steve Madden 

All Donors Who Gave Over $5K

Boston Foundation

The San Francisco Foundation

Pro Georgia

SEI Giving Fund

Vanguard Charitable

The Solutions Project

Liberty Hill Foundation

Waterford Research Institute


The Trust Fund

The Why Not

Domestic Workers Alliance

The Tides Foundation

Seattle Foundation

The Good Nation

Present Progressive Fund

Z Smith Reynolds

America Votes

The Pennywise Foundation

Impact Assets Inc

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Groundswell Fund

Fidelity Investment

Woodcock Foundation

Laurie Schecter

Jewish Communal Fund

All Voting is Local

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Amalgamated Charitable Foundation

Blueprint North Carolina Inc

AOGFcauses (American Online Giving)


Social Justice Fund

Miles Rubin

Georgians for a Healthy Future


John P. Mcnulty Foundation

Loud Hound Foundation

Penney Family Fund

Kelson Foundation

Compton Foundation Inc

Common Counsel

Ken Olum

Mertz Gilmore Foundation Grant

Rockefeller Family Fund

Hill Snowdon Foundation

The Sapelo Foundation

Howard and Geral

The Nellie Mae Education

The Hive Fund

Climate and Clean Equity

Ford Foundation

The Educational Foundation of America

Grove Action Fund

United Way of Grater Atlanta

Panta Rhea Foundation

Gerard Gleason

Crankstart Foundation

Rural Democracy Initiative

Reissa Foundation

Blueprint North Carolina Inc

American Cancer Foundation

The Heartland Foundation

Schwab Charitable

Hill Snowdon Foundation

General Service Foundation

Solidaire Network


US Energy Foundation

The Libra Foundation

Georgia Alliance for Progress

Prudential Financial

Wend LLC

THE Schmidt Family Foundation

The Grove Foundation

Woodcock Foundation

Live Nation Worldwide

Black Futures Fund

Ananda Fund

Park Foundation

Coalition for the People

Nathan Cummings Foundation

Neo Philanthropy

Way to Rise for Leadership Development

Way to Win

US Energy Foundation

Georgia Alliance for Education

Brach Family Fund

Louis & Ann Abrons Foundation

Nike USA

Bohemian Foundation

Conrad N Hilton Foundation

Democratizing Philanthropy Project

Robert W. Johnson Foundation

Community Catalyst Inc

Democracy Frontlines Fund

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

Foundation to Promote an Open Society

Healthy Democracy Fund

WRTV 3.0

Pop Culture Collaborative