Black Voters Matter Grant Application Guidelines

Black Voters Matter is excited to partner with you in building power in Black and Marginalized communities! Because your work is so vital to changing the quality of lives of our communities, we are offering this grant to help your organization build capacity so you can continue to the very important work you are doing.

The information below is to help you navigate through the BVM grant process from beginning to end:

1. Application Submission

  • Each month BVM has a monthly grant cycle where applicants can apply for grant funding.
  • The window to apply for the grant is the 1st – 10th of each month. The application portal will close at 11:59pm EST on the 10th.
  • It is highly encouraged that you do not wait to the last minute to apply.
  • Applications received after the deadline, may be denied, or moved to the next month for consideration.
  • Please make sure when you are filling out the grant application to have all documentation available for upload.
  • After you have submitted your application, you will receive a notification via email letting you know that we have received your application and it is under review. Please allow 14-21 business days to hear any type of response.

2. Grant Approval

  • If your grant application is approved, you will receive a congratulatory email letting you know your application has been approved for funding. In 2-3 business days following that email, you will receive a MOU.
  • Once you receive the MOU, please review and sign. After you sign the MOU, the document will get sent to our leadership team for final review and signature.
  • If you have a fiscal sponsor, your fiscal sponsor will receive the MOU to review and sign. Once your fiscal sponsor sign and our leadership sign, you will receive a copy of the MOU.
  • If you do not receive a MOU, please email

3. Grant Denial

  • If your grant application is not approved, you will receive a notification via email.
  • If you would like to a follow up, please reach out to the State Organizing Manager from your state.

4. Grant Payment

  • Once the MOU has been signed by all parties, the Finance Department will be notified to start the processing of your grant.
  • You will receive a notification via email once your grant payment has been disbursed.

5. Grant Report

Questions? Take a look at our Grant FAQs!