About Warrant Clinics

When community members have outstanding warrants and fines they can’t afford, this creates a barrier to employment, housing, voting and general well-being. In response, organizers in Louisiana have created a solution to this systematic issue.

The Warrant Clinic is a one day community court event to help residents obtain suspended drivers licenses due to warrants and attachments in traffic and municipal court

The video shows the results of a warrant clinic in New Orleans. Take a look at how someone’s whole life can change for the better!

The Warrant Clinic

• Helps people get suspended driver’s licenses back. 

• Eliminates the fear of arrest. 

• Provides more access to employment, housing and voting. 

• Provides the city with funding which then allows the city to provide other 

   services for residents. 

• A collaborative effort between community groups and judges who support a different vision for our community

How to participate?

If you live in Alexandria or Shreveport, you can learn more and register for a warrant clinic by joining us at the following Registration Sessions.  Note: you must attend a registration session before you can participate in the warrant clinic. 

NEXT WARRANT CLINIC EVENTS : Please attend our interest meeting to learn more about possible programs and options.