Cliff Albright and LaTosha Brown, Co-Founders of Black Voters Matter issue this statement following the 2024 Presidential Debate 

Tonight’s Presidential Debate was a stark reminder of why fact-checking is crucial, and disinformation and misinformation is so harmful. It reminded us of what we already knew, President Biden often looks and sounds old, and Trump is a racist, fascist pathological liar who only cares about himself and will both end democracy and wreck this economy.  

This election is not a popularity contest, it’s not about age, it’s about access and power. It is about the policies that impact our lives. Tonight, only one candidate answered questions about those policies. The other reminded us once again that he supports the January 6 insurrectionists who tried to nullify the power of Black voters.  

In 2020, our votes made a difference, and now it is more important than ever that we get out and vote. At Black Voters Matter, we are committed to empowering our communities with the truth, so we can make informed decisions that shape our futures. We will not be hoodwinked by lies and disinformation. We Fight Back!